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صابونABC سنايل وايت.SNAIL.WHITE

تبييض.10اضعاف  مغذي للبشرة. مقاوم للتجاعيد. 

.بالجلوتاثيون والحلزون .وحليب الأرز.وفيتامين اي.

Proven Benefits of Snail White x10 whitening Soap 70grams --One of the best whitening soaps in the market --It whitens, reduces dark spots and repairs imperfections. --Formulated to solve skin problems and promote healthy skin. --Made from natural extracts --Helps maintain a smooth and soft skin --Lighter & Firmer skin texture --Controls oil on skin --Safe and gentle even on sensitive skin --Suitable for both men and women of all ages What is Snail White Soap? --Whitening soap use as facial and/or body soap --The mixture of Glutathione and Snail secretion filtrate with selected vitamins Other Benefits: --promote skin nourishing --whitening --reduce acnes and dark spots --whitens dull and dark skintone Product of Thailand How to use this soap? Lather the soap on face and body, Leave for 1 minute then rinse

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